Friday 24 December 2010

Designing the Bankers: Part 3

See also: Part 1, Part 2

The final set of banker concept drawings are below. Please let me know what you think!

I worked on a new design, based on a "greedy banker" stock image a TIGSource user found. I made him fatter, and gave him a monocle, and a waistcoat, which allowed me to add in a bit of colour. The green/yellow light glow has a kind of money feel about it. This guy looks a bit more like a "fat cat," so to speak.

This next one was good fun to draw. I wanted to play with the "fat cat" design in a different pose. Of course, in the real game he won't really be kicking the monopoly guy, but giving the players or the robber the boot may be a nice visual motif.

In this next one, I wanted to incorporate the robbers into the design. A commenter suggested having banknotes bursting from the banker's clothes, and I really like this design.

This last one involves two banker designs and one robber. I'm very happy with the running banker, and think I may involve three different banker designs in the game: the opportunist (with cash bulging from his pockets), the fat cat CEO, and the up-and-coming young go-getter (the skinny guy from the first drawings).

I hope you've enjoyed looking at these and I really look forward to hearing your comments!