Thursday 25 August 2016

A MAZE 2016 talk - Inspiring Inventive Play with Social Installations

In April I was invited to demo Codex Bash at the A MAZE Festival in Berlin, where it had been selected as one of 20 nominees for the A MAZE awards. I was also fortunate enough to be invited to give a talk at the event!

My talk was titled Inspiring Inventive Play with Social Installations, and looks back at the things I've learnt from working on Go! Power Team!, Codex Bash and Tap Happy Sabotage. In particular, how the games use the physical space to encourage players to play creatively, putting their own unique stamp on the experience.

The full playlist of talks from the event is linked here, and there were some real standout talks at the event that made a big impact on me. In particular was Llaura Dreamfeel's talk, where she talked about engaging with media outside games in order to find your unique voice. It's definitely worth watching!