Wednesday 11 May 2011

Interview with Players' Co-op and v1.3 release

I was interviewed recently by Players' Co-op, a neat little gaming-interest site which started up fairly recently and looks set to be full of interesting articles! Titled Indie Developer's One-Man Show I talk about the challenges and benefits of working as a one man studio, the development process, and my advice for aspiring developers. Check it out, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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v1.3.0 Released, with French translation

The latest update for Greedy Bankers is now available from iTunes. I've translated the in-game text into French, which was a fun excuse for me to brush up my old language skills, and also should open up the game to some new players. Thanks very much to Mathieu, Sacha and Klaim for their help with this update!

iPad Bankers underway!

The iPad version took a little while longer to get off the ground than I had anticipated, but the big-screen version is now well underway and the two player mode is really coming along! I'll be sure to post pictures and videos in the near future.