Monday 8 March 2010

Abraham Lincoln vs. the Steampunk Numbers

The 48 hour competition ended last night, and while I wait to iron out the bugs before sticking up a build, I thought I would just make a quick note to say that the game went really well. My team made a math-based RPG called Abraham Lincoln vs. the Steampunk Numbers, which turned out to be a big success.

It was a real surprise, as for most of the competition the battle system (which was my main task) just didn't work, but by about 6am on Sunday it was working albeit incomprehensible. In the last few hours of the competition all the graphics and the user interface took shape and I'm really proud with how it went. Possibly my best 48 hour entry yet!

Still, there was some great competition, particularly from Sarah, John and Nathaniel, who created an arithmetic-based shooter which is a really elegantly-designed game of strategy. Download links to come soon!

Picture credits to go to myself for the Abraham Lincoln running animation, and Carina Kuhstaeller and Wee-Hoe Tan for the "Number Salad" monster.