Monday 11 April 2016

Codex Bash Nominated for A MAZE Awards 2016

This is something I'm very excited about! Codex Bash has been nominated for the A MAZE Awards and will be on display at A MAZE 2016 in Berlin, from 20-23 April.

I'll also be giving a talk during the event, titled Inspiring Inventive Play with Social Installations. In the talk I'll be going through the motivations, design lessons and observations that have shaped my recent work with playable installations. In it I'll be talking about what creating Tap Happy Sabotage, Dash & Bash, Go! Button Power Team! and Codex Bash itself have taught me about getting people to communicate and play creatively.

Photo copyright Wellcome Collection, 2015
Incidentally, Codex Bash was the first festival I road-tested Codex Bash at, as part of the Open Screens. So being able to present it as part of the official selection feels very special indeed!