Friday 12 February 2016

Codex Bash wins Media Choice at IndieCade

It's been a little wide since winning this prize and documenting it here on the blog, but Codex Bash had a really successful exhibition at IndieCade in LA in October. So much so, in fact, that it won the Media Choice award at the event!

The full list of winners from IndieCade 2025 is on the IndieCade website, where fellow hardware-based games Fabulous Beasts and Line Wobbler also took home awards.

Here I am at the prizegiving at the end of the festival, with some of my indie friends from the week! Robin Baumgarten of Line Wobbler fame, Jeff Lait - creator of Seven Day Band, Matt Tropiano -developer of Adventures of Square, and Mads and Jonas from Glitchnap - the developers of Sentree.

And here's the trophy itself. All the trophies from IndieCade are individually made from reclaimed computer and mechanical parts. So they're all unique! I'm really happy to receive it and it really did make a nice end to a very exciting week in LA.

Here's an interview I did at the event, which should give you a little feel for what it was like at IndieCade, the story behind the game, and my inspirations during its development.