Friday 17 April 2015

Tap Happy Sabotage on display at Game Science Center Berlin

A brief but nonetheless very exciting announcement from me. Tap Happy Sabotage is on display as part of an ongoing exhibition at the Game Science Center in Berlin. If you're in the area please do give them a visit and try it out on their 27-inch touchscreen!

The Game Science Center is also running a Meet the Developers day on Tuesday 21st April, and I'll be there doing a Q&A about the game. Entry is free for holders of tickets for International Games Week Berlin events (including A MAZE, Womanize, Apps World and Quo Vadis).

In addition I'll also be live-demoing Codex Bash, a new game using a new portable button kit I've been working on, in the coming week. On Sunday I'll be demoing it at the Bristol Videogames Social, then on Thursday 23rd April I'll be showing it at A MAZE Berlin in the expo area from 4pm to 8pm. Can't wait to see how it goes down!