Monday 3 November 2014

In GIFs - Tap Happy Sabotage: Dash & Bash Edition

In my last post I gave an explanation of Tap Happy Sabotage: Dash & Bash Edition, the installation game I developed for GameCity 9, with photos of the game in action.

I also took some footage of the game, which gives a great feel for the pace and flow which static images don't quite convey. With that in mind I turned the video into animated GIFs so you can see the game in motion. It gives quite a nice feel of what it was like to be in the room!

More GIFs after the jump!

The two rounds shown above are the "Find your card 16 times" rounds, which were the most energic. I try to split the rounds so that you'll get very active or reactions-based round punctuating more observation-based rounds. 

Giving players time to cool down means that they'll be surprised when they have to spring back into active mode!

Above is an observation round in progress. Everyone's hunting for their card among the mish-mash on every screen.

Suspense also plays a big role in the game. In the round shown above, only one card is shown per screen. New cards swap in every few seconds. Either the cards belong to no players at all, or all the cards belong to players. So you'll get periods where everyone's on the balls of their feet waiting to pounce, and then an instant where everyone dashes at once.

We also played the game 8-player, teaming up with two players on each card. It was pretty chaotic, which is exactly what I like to hear about my work!

Seeing as I'm such a big believer in physical activity in video games, it was fantastic to have an opportunity to embrace that! 

Big thanks again to the team at GameCity for the space, the setup, the stewarding and the technical support that made this game happen!