Saturday 7 June 2014

Speaking at Develop Conference 8th July 2014

Hi everyone! I'll be speaking again at this year's Develop Conference in Brighton, as part of the Evolve track. So if you're there, please do come along - my talk is at 12:15 on Tuesday 8th July and is all about building games for big touchscreens. Games, that is, like my very own Tap Happy Sabotage (which is, by the way, coming to Windows 8 on June 19th). Details of the talk are below:

Thinking Bigger: Developing for Large-Scale Touchscreens

Touch has been the defining interface of recent years, and the latest influx of large-scale PC touch screens is the start of a brave new world for games and physical play. Designer Alistair Aitcheson is known for his heavily physical tablet games and the creator of "Tap Happy Sabotage", a game built for up to 52 players on a single 27-inch touch screen.

In this talk he demonstrates why this sea change is not to be overlooked, and how developers can make the most of this exciting technological shift. He explores the play possibilities that set big screens apart from tablets or phones, and draws on personal experience to show the design strategies that make a touch game great at scale.

He also investigates how games for these interfaces fit into our current app marketplaces, what existing tablet games need to do to adapt to this new interface, and the potential for this technology to drive innovative installation-based game projects.

Develop Conference has always been a favourite of mine, and I'm really excited to be back speaking about a subject which I am incredibly passionate about!

There's also a good chance I'll be bringing the device with me, so hopefully if you're there you'll get to have a go at some of this:

(footage taken at GameCamp 7)