Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Press for Slamjet Stadium

I wanted to collect together the press Slamjet Stadium has got so far. The game is almost ready to submit to the App Store - I'm super-excited!


Alistair Aitcheson talks Slamjet Stadium - your next local multiplayer addiction on iPad
PocketGamer, 28 January 2013

ConsoleNinjas Podcast Episode 18
18 February 2013 (begins 01:35)


Greedy Bankers dev bringing futuristic footy-esque sports title Slamjet Stadium to iPad
PocketGamer, 17 January 2013

Preview with Trailer and Screenshots
ArcadeSushi, 17 January 2013

IndieEye: Introducing Slamjet Stadium
Final Boss Fight, 30 December 2013

Below are a couple of from the early stages of development. I think they're pretty fun to look back at now!

Hookshot Inc, 8 November 2012

GameZebo, Oct 10 2012


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