Wednesday 3 October 2012

Introducing Galaxyball 2113!

Good morning everyone! I'm very excited to announce my latest game in the works. I've been building it for the past month or so, and hope to have it ready to launch in the new year.

Broadcast across the galaxy in the year 2113, Galaxyball is the number one deathsport of the 22nd Century. Teams from all four sectors compete for the grand title - including mutants, rocketeers, aliens, space marines and more - and for the first season ever, you will be able to take part too. Your iPad is a window to the future, and your finger powers the players! 

Galaxyball is a multiplayer iPad game, building on the stealing and cheating that were so popular in Greedy Bankers vs The World. This time we're jetting off to a physics-based future to play football on hoverbikes, and grabbing your opponents to fling them into traps is fair game!

The shared-device interaction in Bankers was so much fun, and so popular with players, that I'm really eager to expand on that vibe. I've been testing it out on friends and it's proven to be fantastic fun, so I'm very excited to be building this one up. Watch this space!

If you're interested, below is some concept art. Hopefully I'll be able to upload some video footage of the alpha in action soon.

... and below are a couple of screenshots showing how it looks at the moment. Very early days in terms of graphics right now so it's quite rough-and-ready, and a little sparse, but I'm so excited to build it up and really give it that deathsport look-and-feel!