Monday, 19 September 2011

Greedy Bankers vs The World launches tonight!

Update: Out now worldwide!

Here it is! Greedy Bankers vs The World has been approved by the App Store and is now ready to launch midnight tonight!

But there's more! The game has been selected for the Eurogamer Indie Game Arcade 2011, and will be on display from Thursday to Sunday this week in Earl's Court, London. I will be there to show you the game and talk to you about its development, so please do come along!

From midnight tonight (whatever time zone you're in), Greedy Bankers vs The World can be bought from this link

I can't wait to hear your thoughts, and I look forward to meeting some of you at the Expo!


  1. Still waiting.... wanna play! ;-)

  2. It's 00:09 here in Switzerland, so i would like to buy it now! ^__^

    PS: It really looks great! I'm curious about it.
    I wish you success!

    Greetings from Switzerland:

  3. Thanks :) It *should* be available now... don't know what's taking it! It's out in Australia and New Zealand, but still not Hong Kong, even though it's 6am...

    The original Bankers seemed to roll out at midnight in each territory, so I'm not sure why the iPad version's acting differently.

  4. Thanks for this Great Puzzle Game!
    I like it! Especially the Multiplayer Part.
    Now make an Online Multiplayer Version! ;-)

    PS: I had a crash in Level 2 (StoryMode), maybe just a litte crash by my iPad.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it! :) What model iPad and version of iOS do you have? Can you remember what part of gameplay it was in when it crashed? (During the game? Start/end of a round? When the story character enters/leaves? Did it happen more than once?

    Any information you have will be helpful in tracking down the source of the bug, and I really appreciate it :)